Corpus of Attic Funerary Monuments (SΕΜΑ)

The Corpus of Attic Funerary Monuments (SΕΜΑ) constitutes a major work undertaken by the Society with the aim to publish anew Attic fumerary inscriptions as a corpus. Aiming at completeness and following a tradition that began systematically in Greece in 1871 by Stephanos Ath. Koumanoudis and continued by many prominent archaeologists and epigraphists, the corpus includes all fumerary monuments of the inhabitants of Attica. This means that part of the work is dedicated to the morphology of the Attic funerary monuments regardless of whether they bore inscriptions or not. Inhabitants of Attica include those who died away from home, in areas like Skyros, Lemnos, Delos or Samos. SΕΜΑ is compiled on the premises of the Society, under a mandate of its Board and the direction of its General Secretary.