Archive of the Monuments of Athens and Attica (ΑRΜΑ)

In the years 1837-1860, Kyriakos Pittakis, the first General Ephor, mostly published his finds in the Ephemeris Archaiologike, while he also submitted brief treatises in daily newspapers or periodicals. The newspapers also published notices of the discovery of antiquities, sculptures, inscriptions, as well as other precious information such as the exact findspot of antiquities. This awkward style of publication continued with Efstratiadis, Koumanoudis, Stamatakis, Kastorchis and Phintiklis.

The six published volumes of the Society’s work titled “Archive of the Monuments of Athens and Attica” (ΑRΜΑ) contain the dispersed information regarding the discovery of antiquities found in the daily and perodical Press of the time (Athenaion, Philistor, Hora, Ephemeris ton Philomathon, Ephemeris Archaiologike), as well as in scholarly treatises such as Ludwig Ross’ book Die Demen von Attika (Halle 1846) and Alexander Conze’s, Die attischen Grabreliefs (Berlin 1893-1922). The material is classified methodically on the basis of typology and geography. Moreover, the finds are matched with their publication in our contemporary systematic works (IG, museum catalogs etc.).

The ΑRΜΑ, a long-term collective work compiled on the premises of the Archaeological Society, contains information regarding all antiquities that were found in Athens and Attica and constitute the basis of a fuller study of ancient Athens and Attica.