The Archive of the Archaeological Society was systematically organized in 1957, when, thanks to the interest shown by Georgios Veltsos, Vice President of the Society at the time and highly knowledgeable in the history of the Society, the organization commissioned Leandros Vranousis, Menelaos Tourtoglou and Vasileios Petrakos to classify the organization’s documents. It was at that time when this wealth of material found a permanent home and its use became easy.

The Archive of the Society’s documents is complemented by handwritten volumes of the minutes of the Ephorate and the Council (the inventory of the handwritten minutes was drafted by Vasileios Sfyroeras), the Archaeological Council, the Register of members, the catalogue of the Society’s Museums, special registers, accounting books, etc.

The archival collection of documents also contains individual archives, such as that of the sweepstake, the archive of Panagiotis Eustratiadis, which contains precious evidence regarding Greek antiquities at the time when Eustratiadis served as General Ephor of Antiquities (1864-1883); the archive of Stephanos Ath. Koumanoudis (1859-1894) who served for 35 years as the Socety’s General Secretary, which consists of 37 folders and includes mainly excavation notebooks and documents regarding the Archaeological Society; material belonging to Vasileios Leonardos; as well as other, smaller collections donated by the beneficiaries of archaeologists. Among them one singles out the archive of drawings, scholarly notes and photographs of Ioannis Travlos, Vice-President and collaborator of the Society, which was donated by his family in 1992.