"Archaiologike Ephemeris" (ΑΕ)

The Archaiologike Ephemeris, one of the earliest archaeological periodicals of the world, is published since 1837. It is the principal scholarly journal of the Archaeological Society and contains archaeological studies or excavation reports. It is published annually.

First period (1837-1860): In this period it is a state publication authored and published by Kyriakos Pittakis, General Ephor of Antiquities. It contains reports and studies regarding excavations and finds of the General Ephorate.

Second period (1861-1882): Following the RD of March 2, 1861, the publication is assigned to the Society and it is renamed Archaiologike Ephemeris ekdidomene ypo tes en Athenais Archaiologikes Hetaireias dapane tes Vasilikes Kyverneseos. This new publication (abbreviated as AE) constitutes the second period. A total of 17 volumes were published (A΄- H΄of 1862, Θ΄- IB΄ of 1863, IΓ΄ of 1869, IΔ΄ of 1870, IE΄ of 1873, IΣΤ΄ of 1873 and IZ΄ of 1874). The first 12 volumes were edited by Ath. Rousopoulos, Professor of Archaeology at the University of Athens. He was succeeded by St. Koumanoudis and P. Eustratiadis.

Third (1883-1923) , fourth (1924-1986) and fifth (1987-present) periods: The Archaiologike Ephemeris was reissued in 1883 and ever since one volume is published annually. Certain volumes contain material covering more than one years, such as 1925/26, 1927/28, 1934/35, 1939/41, 1942/44, 1945/47, 1948/49, 1950/51, as a result of adversities faced by Greece.

To date, 153 volumes of the journal have been published.